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Knight in Crumbly Armour

On the weekend I attended a cast party held by the Lakeshore Light Opera – a non-profit theatre group from the West Island. They recently staged Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Princess Ida.”  So in keeping with the medieval theme, I decided I would get a little creative with the shape of my sugar cookies. Instead of using my usual cookie cutters, I decided instead to create one bigger shape using smaller pieces which I had cut out, so that they fit like a puzzle.

I drew a rough version of a Knight on paper, incorporating the different elements which make up the armour. Once drawn, I then tried to duplicate them when cutting the rolled-out dough. It went surprisingly well! I was done in no time. The pieces all fit onto one baking sheet (which I lined with parchment paper even though the recipe did not call for it) and once baked, they came off pretty easily. So off they went to the cooling rack for 20 minutes.

However, when it came time to assemble the Knight I found it really difficult because some of the pieces were very similar in shape and size with each other, and I couldn’t remember which piece went where. It was only once I was nearly finished the assembly that I realized several pieces (including helmet, shoulder blade and…codpiece) had ‘mysteriously’ gone missing! This was why I was having such difficulty!

But, all was not lost. With some quick re-thinking and re-assembling, this is what I came up with: (Knight, I am sorry to say…did not make it through the night)

Knight 3 copy